Friday, 24 February 2012

Football success!

On Thursday 23rd February Christ Church School football team played Watton-at-Stone School at their home ground.  The team was full of great players; Moris, Joe, Dylan, Cameron, Jake, Sam, Tom and Jordan. 

The team worked brilliantly to score the first goal, scored by Dylan.  After that we were building momentum to score our next goal.  Surprisingly one of their players hand-balled and so we got a penalty, which Moris scored.  Our third goal was amzing.  The ball came up from a corner and Moris jumped up into the air, did an overhead kick right into the top corner.  What a goal! The fourth goal was scored by Tom.  It was a great team goal and Tom kicked the ball with great power and skill into the bottom corner of the goal.

The final score was 4.0 to us!  Unluckily for us Miss Ball promised us a McDonalds if we scored 5 goals.  Oh well, we still made the school proud.

Match report by Dylan and Jake


  1. Well done to the whole team :)

  2. Well done to all of you, very proud of you! Let's hope Miss Ball gets her purse out next time!

  3. Well done. It takes team work to win.

  4. The report was actually written by Moris and Joeseph

  5. Well done to all the football team - I love hearing how you are all getting on and reading the Christ Church Blog.

    Simon Urquhart