Monday, 6 February 2012

Reception fun in the snow - part 1

McKee and Carle enjoyed their day in the snow today. We took part in lots of outdoor learning and had loads of fun at the same time!

The children made a large scale painting by squirting and spraying watered-down paint from squeezy bottles and a plant spray as well as sprinkling powder paint on to the fresh snow.

A - I liked squirting and spreading the paint.
R - I really really liked all the colours.
N - It looked like a big flower.
E - I thought it looked like a firework display.
G - I loved squeezing the paint on the snow because I had never done that before!

We started to build an igloo, by packing snow into a box and building with the bricks. However once we had pretty coloured snow this developed into a magical castle.

H - We had to scoop up the snow and make it into bricks.
Z - It would be cold in an igloo with no roof.
D - We piled the bricks on top of each other.
J - I liked putting the snow in the boxes best.
E - I enjoyed making the colourful igloo castle.

The children used the buckets and spades to make snow castles and shapes such as triangular prisms, cuboids and cylinders. C - Snow castles are a lot easier to make than sand castles.
A polar expedition seemed to take place, with children taking turns to pull each other on a sledge, pointing out the imaginary icebergs, penguins and rivers they encountered. They finally found land and a house!

H - The sledge was bumpy and when it went on the ice.
D - I liked going round and round the boat.
R - I liked it when the sledge was slow best.

We also blew bubbles and were amazed how much easier it was to see their colours against the white of the snow. The children squealed with laughter catching them and those who were beginning to feel the cold suddenly found themselves a lot warmer after running and jumping.

We have so much we want to tell you we will have to come back later with a second post.


  1. Can I come back to school, please? We never had this much fun in my day - it was all Latin and Maths - with slide rules.
    Still times were tough in ~Charles Dickens' time. HUM BUG!

    My kids have also been building an igloo at home - great fun.

  2. The painting is brilliant, what a fantastic idea. I also can not belive how beautiful the bubbles look against the snow. We only ever have them in the summer. That will change!

  3. My son had a great time. Thank you as well for sharing it all on the blog. The blog is great, as we can also see what we where already told on the way home. Keep posting, we all at home and abroad love it!

  4. The children certainly did have fun in the snow! They were great ideas of yours, Mrs Matthews, thank you for sharing them with Carle Class.

  5. It looks like everyone had a great time, such fun ideas, so pleased they all got to enjoy the snow so much.