Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Last week the children in Mckee and Carle were given their Booktime bags.

Booktime is the national free books programme for reception-aged children, providing a free book pack for every child aged 4-5 years to share and enjoy with their family and friends. Booktime aims to promote the pleasure of books by encouraging families to have fun reading together. It also provides online resources.

In Mckee class, before giving the packs out, we opened one of the bags and read the books together. The class loved both books and enjoyed the fact that they could read Face Painting by themselves.

We read Why elephant has a trunk and talked about fables and what they are. This book proved a huge hit with the class many having seen Tinga tales on CBeebies.

Face painting activities
The next day, almost every child said they had shared the books at home that night and had enjoyed talking about them with their families.

In the classroom, we have made use of the printable activities and have enjoyed following up the books. The face painting survey and the tortoise and monkey colouring sheets being the favourite activities.


  1. we enjoyed the books and am glad to see them being used in class as well. thankyou

  2. McKee class have some very skilled artists, I don't think I could colour that well!