Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Anti Bullying week

A week ago, house captains as part of antibullying week organised and led an assembly.

The audience found it very comical but the message got through. If bullying happened in the future hopefully the children would know what to do in the situation.

In our assembly we included a drama that showed what bullying is, a puppet show to keep the younger children interested, a song about a boy affected by bullying and also a quiz to test the children’s knowledge about bullying and show how much they had been listening.

By: Cameron, Stanley, Samuel S, Josie and Francesca


  1. Well done house captains, that sounds really exciting and challenging. I am sure that the children will remember that assembly and it may help them at difficult times. Keep up the good work. MS

  2. Was it a five person show then ?

    1. no because some other house captains took part aswell