Monday, 3 October 2011

Mashed potato

In McKee class we had a go at making mashed potato. This is how we did it.....

We peeled the potatoes
We cut them into bits and cooked them
We added butter and milk and mashed them
We added some colour (not flavour) to half of the mash
We ate them
We made a tick chart to see how many children chose each bowl. Seven of us chose to eat green mash and fourteen chose the normal colour. Some of our comments....

The green tasted like apples, because apples are green - M.

The green was not good for me it made my tummy ache - O.

I chose green and it was yucky - R.

Green was tasty, mmmmmm - A.

I want normal because I like it at home and I don't like green food - D

I make this at home with mummy. She said mine is the best! - H

After this the children were able to eat up the rest of the potato and there were quite a few complaints that there was not enough and they wanted more!

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