Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Harvest Festival

Home grown produce
Yesterday we went to church and were learning to say thank you to God, Jesus, shops, our parents, big sister, after school club and the school cooks. We should say thank you to them because they all give us food and company.

From home we brought gifts of food. Some of my class brought chicken soup with mushrooms and other people brought tins, packets of tea, pasta and lots more.

We also took fresh food to the front, this was from the teacher's gardens and the reception class. Mr Cadwallader brought some apples and the tomatoes were from the reception class.

We  played hangman against the vicar. The words were say thank you. We won, but there was nearly a whole hangman. Rev. Hookway did well but we won!

I like going to church because I like listening to the vicar (and other people) speak about things that happened a long time ago and about Jesus. I can’t wait for the next time we visit the church because I feel excited before we go.

I think I will remember to say "thank you" to the dinner ladies for my food.

By J in McGough Class

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