Tuesday, 27 September 2011

School photographs

Today in McKee class we became photographers!

Another first today...Our first school photograph! This morning the class were photographed individually and in sibling groups. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session, especially the posing and the music. They also enjoyed watching each other and the photographer.
Making a camera
Some of the children commented on the experience saying that they thought the photographer was funny, they loved dancing to the music, most seemed to think the soft toys falling off the photographer’s head was extremely funny and others enjoyed the fact they got to lie on their tummies and shout “I love school” and "sausages" whilst being photographed.
Some of the cameras the class made
This afternoon, in response to this experience, we turned the classroom into a photographer’s studio. Various children made cameras, wrote lists of names, rounded up their subjects, helped each other strike a pose, and took "photographs". These they then drew and labelled. A lot of fun was had and the learning taking place encompassed all six areas of the early years curriculum.

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  1. It sounds like you all had fun. I love the idea of you setting up your own photography studio in the classroom.:)