Thursday, 22 September 2011

Fruit salad

This week the foundation stage children have been learning about fruit. One of the activities they wanted to do was eat some! In Mckee class, each child brought in one piece of fruit to share with their friends and we made a fruit salad.

The children were able to choose which fruit they wanted to use and then worked as a group to cut the fruit and mix it in a bowl. They then spooned it into their own plastic cup or bowl and sat at the table to eat together.

This is what some of the class had to say...

I cut up the bananas with a knife and the grapes were nice, they tasted fruity. When I  put it in a round bowl I stirred it.  I ate it with a spoon.  -  A

We got some fruit out of the bowl and put it on a tray. We cut it with a knife which was fun. We put it in a cup and got a spoon and ate it. I liked the kiwi fruit best. I loved chopping the fruit. – R

I chopped up an apple, some grapes and banana. Chopping the apple was fun. I put it in a bowl and stirred it and then ate it. It tasted nice, of strawberry- O

We cut it up and put it in the bowl. We mixed the fruit and could eat it with a spoon. I want to make some at home with mummy. - G

Thank you to everyone who donated an item of fruit.

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