Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Our trip to Butterfly World

On Monday Inkpen, Carle and McKee spent the day at Butterfly World. We were fortunate to have lovely sunny weather and this meant we were able to fully explore the beautiful gardens.

The children were enchanted by the over sized plant pot and gardening fork. They were able to view the world from the perspective of a minibeast - Now we know what it is like to be ant sized!

The gardens were full of plants and sculptures which tested our senses. We did not know what we would encounter next; from smelling the lavender, listening to running water to looking at the range of colours in the plant beds and touching the smooth wood of a tree.

The butterfly house was an amazing experience. We were able to watch them feed and fly around us, see caterpillars and see the leaves they had been munching as well as clusters of eggs.The highlight for most of the children (and some of the braver adults) was the chance to hold giant snails, cockroaches and stick insects.
Some comments from the children:-

W - "I liked talking to my partner about the things we could see and going into the flower pots."

F - "It was really good. There were loads of butterflies and you got to see them upside down and all of the colours on them."

R - "I liked the school room and holding the cockroach."

L - "The big big moth was bigger than any one I had ever seen. It was big!"
B - "The big metal ant was the best".

We enjoyed our day and learnt a lot about butterflies and other minibeasts. Most of the children wished we could stay longer and are keen to go again.

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