Friday, 15 July 2011

Author's visit

On Wednesday 13th July Sue Hampton, a children's author, returned to our school. See below her message to our children.

My name is Sue Hampton, I’m an author with twelve books published so far (fantasy, historical, mystery, humour, contemporary, futuristic...) and I returned to Christ Church on 13th July to work with Y3 and 4 and show them how much fun words can be. I had a lovely afternoon because the children were so imaginative. I enjoy the atmosphere of the school, which is relaxed but positive and enthusiastic. No one has to be a clone and creativity and individuality are valued. In assembly, when I asked why, as a woman with alopecia, I had abandoned my wig, I received a really deep and perceptive answer. If you weren’t there, perhaps you can guess what it might have been. I answered some thoughtful questions but ran out of time before I could quote Michael Morpurgo, the children’s author who inspired me and has praised my writing (three times!). He said, “A good book is not like chocolate.” I wonder what you think he meant. Personally I think a book can be a key, a holiday, a time machine, a bucket of cold water over the head, a workout... Maybe you have some metaphors of your own. But he’s so right about the chocolate!
I hope to return next year. In the meantime, I wish you all a great holiday full of good reading – and if you bought one of my books, do email me a review and I might put it on my website:

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