Wednesday, 22 May 2019

PGL 2019 Day 3

Following another filling breakfast, the children set out for their activities for the day. All children took part in raft building at some point during the day. They needed to think together to find the best arrangement of the barrels, then tie the barrels together using the knots that they had been shown. They then tested their rafts on the lake, with varying degrees of success!

Groups 1 and 2 took part in abseiling, buggy building and a challenge course. Meanwhile, group 3 and 4 took part in learning survival skills, the giant swing and Aeroball. 


In the evening, the children tested their investigation skills in solving the mystery of who kidnapped one of the PGL characters. They needed to  be creative in thinking of answers to riddles and completing tasks to gain extra information. The children enjoyed the tasks and liked having an end goal to strive towards.

At the end of an action packed third day, the children are now settled in their rooms, exhausted but excited for the challenges ahead tomorrow.

“Even though I didn’t complete absailing, I’m proud I stood on the edge.” - Phoebe.
“I’m glad I got into the lake, when at first I didn’t want to.” - Charlie.
“I enjoyed building the shelter and people liked my ideas.” - Blake.
“I loved the big swing, I thought I would be scared but I did it anyway.” - Chloe G. 

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