Monday, 20 May 2019

PGL 2019 Day 1

After a busy first day, the children (and adults) are all very tired! We arrived safely just in time for lunch where we basked in the sunshine and devoured our food. The children enjoyed playing games in the afternoon, before we were introduced to our instructor and given a tour of the exciting activities that we will be participating in over the week. 
We were all impressed with the views around the site and the architecture of the Manor House. 

Having settled into their rooms, the children ate dinner and had a late evening game of capture the flag where they needed to work in teams to steal the other team’s flag while protecting their own. They enjoyed competing with each other and sharing victory and loss as a team.

They are now relaxing in their rooms ahead of another busy day tomorrow!

“I liked having free time to play games after lunch.” - Harrison.
“The staff are really nice and it looks like so much fun!” - Maisie.
“I’m looking forward to building rafts and testing them on the water.” - Ollie.
“I’m excited to do the zip wire” - Tilly.
“The sunset was amazing.” - Megan.


  1. Thanks for the update, looks like you're having an amazing time. Great photos, and what a sunset!!

    Mrs Beckwith

  2. Looking forward to joining you soon. Hope you all have a good night sleep!