Tuesday, 13 March 2018

BOOK CLUB Using drama to explore books

Book Club: Tuesday 13th March at 12.30pm

‘Black Beauty’ was first published in 1877 and was originally written as a way of highlighting the mistreatment of working horses in Victorian England.

The Book Club members were introduced to the idea that novels can be written with the intention of making a positive change in society, and heard extracts from ‘Black Beauty’ about the cruel bearing reign that was used at the time.

The group went on to create their own story which would make a positive change in today’s society – they decided to explore the issue of littering. They put a beginning, middle and end into still images, and then devised and acted out one of those scenes. We talked about the power of books to change things,
just as Anna Sewell’s book helped to bring about the abolition of the bearing reign. An empowering session!

Mrs Barlow

Book Club uses drama techniques to introduce children to a range of books and takes place once every half-term (Tuesdays at 12.30pm). It is not expected that the group members have read the book in advance, though it is hoped that some will be inspired to go away and read it!

If KS2 pupils would like to attend, please see Reception.

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