Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Kingswood Day 2

It's been a very busy day today!  The weather has been great and we've taken part in many new activities today, such as Team Tech, archery, aeroball, go-karting, climbing wall and the zip wire.  We're having a few technical issues with posting photos on the blog but, with any luck, we'll get it sorted when/if we have a spare moment.

Here are a few favourite moments so far...

Sophie R says, "I really liked the zip wire because it was different. It's a lot quicker than the other activities."

Finn says, "I loved the zip wire because I faced my fears!"

Fionn says, "I really liked the go-karting as we weren't told when to slow down!"

Jorja says, "I overcame my fears on the zip wire."

Hayden says, "I loved the go-karting because I like driving the cars with petrol engines."

Despite not having a lot of sleep, they are all smiling and very, very tired!


  1. Fantastic to hear everyone is having fun! Thank you for posting the updates. Look forward to seeing the photos ��

  2. Sounds great, looking forward to seeing the photos