Thursday, 2 March 2017

Charanga Assembly

Today we held our termly Charanga assembly. Each class performed a item and the rest of the school were able to listen and enjoy huge variety of musical styles.

Carle class sang If you are happy and you know it and played on a chime bar.

McKee class rapped to Five little Monkeys.

Hargreaves sang I am in the groove with a Bhangra accompaniment.

Butterworth sang I wanna be in a band with body percussion such as clapping or stamping.

Potter played Strictly D on the glockenspiel.

Year 3 and 4, all, sang Dancing in the street, accompanied by Lewis class on glockenspiel.

Horowitz and Tolkien performed some vocal warm up exercises.

Horowitz and Shakespeare sang a Benjamin Britten piece called A Tragic Story.

Carle class enjoyed the assembly so much they wanted to share a few comments with us.
Isabella said "I liked it. No, I don't like it, I love it!". Finley "We were good at our song and everyone clapped their hands" and Ryker also enjoyed everyone clapping after his class performed. Ronnie enjoyed seeing her sister sing and George loved all of the songs.

A visiting student also told us that she had never seen such a lovely assembly, one which included all the children. She said they had all worked hard and performed really well. I agree, they all did amazingly well and showed lots of great learning and obvious enjoyment.

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