Friday, 2 September 2016

First day in Year 1

Hargreaves class were extremely busy today! The children spent some time learning where to put all their belongings, before doing some physical exercises, watching a Charlie and Lola story, phonics and meeting our class Geraldine. Then it was time for maths, assembly, Charanga and Big Maths.

They also found out how Mrs Matthews likes them to answer the register and select their lunch. They learnt where to line up at playtime and how to move around the school showing courtesy and consideration and how to calm themselves and relax to music after lunchtime.

Everyone coloured in their own name, which will be laminated and used as a label on their drawer, they played in our outside area, they completed an alphablocks jigsaw (cue much cheering) and read a Mr Man book.

The children had extra time on their afternoon playtime, (they had all earned 5 mins golden time) and then the children learnt the going home routine and the fact Mrs Matthews likes them to wear their coats and jumpers, so that they can not forget them. 


They ended their day with a story all about Super Daisy and then a prayer. We had a great day full of smiles, fun and learning. 

Thank you to those of you who sent postcards from your holiday, completed a holiday scrapbook and filled in the Year 1 sheet.

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  1. Wow what a busy day you had in Hargreaves Class yesterday. It sounds like year 1 will be lots of fun. I hope you all have a fantastic year.