Thursday, 30 June 2016

Animal research

The children in KS1 have been researching and writing factual reports about animals. They were able to choose a creature that interested them and then find out all about it. 

Today in Hargreaves the children worked in pairs, to use the iPad, and then wrote an individual report.

Alice found that Lemurs live on the African island of Madagascar.
Oscar found out Hyenas are famous for laughing.
Kobe found out Rattlesnakes shed their skin.
Dexter found out Pandas prefer to eat bamboo but can eat meat.
Alfie found out Sharks live near the ocean floor.

They worked really hard and found out some amazing facts. Their individual reports are well worth reading. Well done to them all.

Chloe said she loved using the iPad for research.
Dylan wanted to stay and find out more.

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