Saturday, 28 May 2016


Hargreaves class enjoy a good story. We, along with Potter and Butterworth, have used books as part of our Literacy lessons, such as That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown and The Pirates Next Door and, of course, we have an end of the day story.

Recently our class book was The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. The children have been mesmerised by it and have never got ready for home quite so quickly, they just could not wait for the daily chapter! In fact some simply could not wait and asked their parents to buy it so that they could carry on reading at home!


On Tuesday we read the final chapter and the children asked if we could tell you about their favourite parts on the blog, so here we go..

Martha, Chloe and Olivia's favourite character was the saucepan man, Kirsten-Eve thought that the walking clock was the best character and Oscar, quite to the dismay of many in the class, thought it was Dame Snap!

Lyra, Tilly, Gracie, Charlotte and Grace enjoyed the bear chapters the best, whereas Esme was on Oscar's wavelength and enjoyed the school chapters!

Alice, Hannah, Alfie, Chloe, Dylan, Freddie, Jake, Naomi, Dainius and Rory all enjoyed different aspects of the birthday land.

Dexter and Kyler loved the adventure with the plane and the lost island and everyone else (Heath, Malacki, Kobe, Alice, Poppy and Isabella) enjoyed the children finding the tree for the first time and all the magical creatures they met.

It is a book that has totally captured their imaginations and sparked much excitement and all of Hargreaves class recommend you read it. They would also like to know what your favourite book is.

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