Friday, 27 May 2016

Practical maths

As part of their learning Year 1 enjoy practical activities. This week Hargreaves have been learning about capacity. Today, we decided to combined this new knowledge with the weighing skills they gained before Christmas and we made pancakes! 

A fun way to show our measuring skills

Esme - We had to gently pour the milk into the jug to make sure we did not use too much milk. We had a scale on the jug.

Chloe - We carefully weighed the flour to get the right amount and not too much.

Heath - We had to stir it carefully so that it did not come out of the bowl, because if it did there would not be enough mixture to make the pancakes.

Lyra and Kobe said they both enjoyed eating the tasty pancakes and that there was just the right amount to fill a 5 (and 6) year old tummy up!

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