Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Kingswood Day 2

Another exciting and active day at Kingswood is coming to an end.

One of the favourite activities today was the leap of faith. All the children gave it a go, were incredibly brave and showed great support for their friends. Well done to everyone you made us very proud.

We have also enjoyed team games on the field, caving in an underground bunker and the Mission Maker task where children designed and played their own computer games. 

Another of the favourite activities today was the archery session, where children practiced their skills and had a friendly competition. During the competition everyone managed to improve their score and said how much they enjoyed using the bow and arrows. 

After dinner we were all very excited to build our own bottle rockets. Working in teams we made our rockets, took them outside to fill with water and watched them launch. The designs were so great several rockets disappeared over the building, one into the top of the tree and another was sturdy enough to protect the water balloon it was carrying. 

The children have also been enjoyed choosing items in the gift shop today. It is lovely to see them picking gifts for family and items to share with their friends. All the children are having a wonderful time, enjoying new activities and making us very proud.

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