Friday, 20 May 2016

Cuffley Camp - children's feedback

We asked the children what they thought of their trip to Cuffley Camp.  Here are some of their comments:

Molly - I think Cuffley Camp was really fun.  I also liked the team games and the orienteering.

Billy - It was fun!

Ellen - I thought it was fun and interesting.  Everyone worked well as a team.

Jeevan - It was fun when we did the "up and over."

Sophie - It rained a lot but that made it more fun because we got really muddy.

Finlay - It was a great day out.  We had so much fun and I wish we could go again.

Jasmine - I enjoyed the orienteering because it was fun using a map.

Hayden - It was very muddy when we had to go under the log and through water.  It was fun.

I think they enjoyed it!

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