Thursday, 2 July 2015

Music Day 2015

Music is an important part of Christ Church School and this year we have all worked hard to raise the profile of this subject throughout the whole school.

The year started with Year 5 and 6 visiting Harlow cinema to experience the launch of the BBC Ten pieces project and the introduction of our new music scheme Charanga Musical School.

During the year, classes have worked with both projects, we have had three Charanga assemblies, where each class has performed the piece they have been working on and most recently we rounded off the year with a music day.

Each class listened to the Ten pieces and voted to choose the piece they would work with. They then spent the day responding "creatively". The day ended with a school concert where each and every class had a few minutes to perform an item from their day. We started with the Nursery who responded to "Short Ride in a fast machine" through the medium of movement and ended with Year 6 who spent the majority of the day in the ICT suite using Pivot to animate "In the Hall of the Mountain King"

The year groups in between treated us to poetry, dance, collage, musical phrases, shadow puppets, paintings, news reports and much more. All in all it was a wonderful round up of an exciting musical year.

The entire school also rose to the challenge and performed "Connect it" en masse. It was amazing to watch and listen to. Well done all.

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