Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bye-bye Year 1

Way back in September 2014, this motley bunch (and several others) joined KS1 and in particular Hargreaves class. We have laughed, danced, sang, play the ocarina, played the glockenspiel, cooked, made ice lollies, grown and eaten potatoes, investigated many topics and grown in confidence and stature.

It has been an enjoyable year and Miss Wake and I will miss the class - a lot. Have a lovely summer break and I know you will all enjoy Year 2 and will thrive on the new challenges.

Many thanks for all the lovely gifts and cards you gave us today. I know that the staff in Potter and Butterworth were equally delighted and extend their thanks as well. The cards contain such lovely words and I am glad so many of you had such a good year. Have fun, enjoy your holiday, may be send your new class a postcard and see you all in September 2015!

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