Saturday, 23 May 2015

Children's comments about Kingswood

I really enjoyed Kingswood! I conquered soooo many of my fears, that I would never do. I loved that we got to share a room with all of our friends. Every leader from Kingswood is really happy and helps you through your fears.

I found Kingswood very enjoyable as we all had fun and did things we have never done before.

I found Kingswood amazing as we did loads of different activities that we haven't done before.

I really enjoyed Kingswood, as we did fun things everyday. My favourite thing was the zip wire and the abseiling.

Kingswood has been so much fun. I enjoyed all the activities. My favourite was the zip wire because you went really fast down the wire. I have conquered so many fears and tried some things that I have never done before.

I have really enjoyed staying at Kingswood. I tried all the activities. My favourite things were the zip wire and leap of faith. When I did the leap of faith, I climbed up quickly and grabbed the bar, it was awesome! On the zip wire it felt like you were flying. I also enjoyed the beach especially splashing in the waves.

Kingswood was a great experience. I have enjoyed it a lot and my favourite activity was the zip wire. At first it was scary, but once I jumped off, I was fine. I loved going to the beach and seeing what Norfolk was like.

Kingswood is a lovely fun place. It is very fun. My favourite activity was go karting. I did it in 19 seconds and the best was 15 seconds. The beds and food are the best part. You also get very muddy going around the cave. Kingswood is also right next to the sea so you can smell a load of fish and chips. I experienced things I never thought I'd do.

There is a thing called "Leap of Faith", where you climb a big ladder and then at the top, you jump on to a pole and slide down. Please check it out when you get here.

I was (and still am) scared of heights but I conquered the leap of faith. I'm very proud of myself as I got the bar with one hand.

On Wednesday 20th May I went on the zip wire. It was very scary at first but at the end it was very good.

During the disco there were lots of people, schools, dance battles and lipstick!

Kingswood is really fun. I have joined in every activity, but I was a bit scared on the leap of faith.

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