Friday, 28 November 2014

Emily Brown and Stanley

Hargreaves class were very fortunate to receive a letter from the "book fairy". She set the children a series of challenges. Each pair could earn one token for completing them. They took us all over the school!

The letter instructed us to take the tokens to the school office. Which we did and were delighted to find out that we had earned enough to swap for a book. It had been left in the care of Mrs Beckwith.

We read the book and all loved it. Coincidentally, we needed a book for our next 3 weeks of Literacy! The children suggested we used our present and so began 3 weeks of work based on Emily Brown and Stanley.

We made story maps, re-told the story with actions, re-wrote the story and then wrote our own version. Finally the children wrote a band new story based on the structure in the book.

Potter and Butterworth also selected they own books. They decided on decided




They also enjoyed their 3 weeks of learning their book, re-telling it and writing new stories based on it.

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