Friday, 24 October 2014

Traction man

 As part of our superhero topic KS1 are reading about Traction man. We have enjoyed his many adventures and think his pet "scrubbing brush" is very cute.

The children have enjoyed reading about his adventures and can re-tell many parts of the story.

Last week all three classes set up a washing up bowl area to allow the children to get their hands wet and experience some of the feeling Traction man might of had when "diving into the foamy waters of the sink"

The children in Hargreaves class said they loved feeling the gooey pasta, the wooden spoons, the hard slippery glass, the slimy string  and the soft bubbles. They were glad the water was hot and they all commented on how soft their hands were after doing this!

They are enjoying the story because they like the adventures, think it is funny that Traction man gets a knitted green suit and bonnet and find the poisonous dish cloth, scrubbing brush and the evil spade funny.

Rhys said "I really enjoy learning about Traction man because he has a pet called scrubbing brush and the book uses fantastic words such as infrared mask."

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