Sunday, 23 December 2012


The school choir were invited to join their church family this morning and take part in the Christingle service. Despite the fact only one third of them were able to attend due to illness or family commitments, they, as usual, sang beautifully and many of the regular congregation said how moved they were  by the performances.
As well as singing, the children took a full part in the service and were each given the components of a Christingle to make and to take home to share with their family. They also got to join in with the prayers and guess what the items in the stocking represented. They also gave some great answers in response to the questions asked during the talk.
Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Matthews had an anxious few minutes when the Christingles were all alight, but as usual the children conducted themselves in a responsible fashion and we all survived - phew!
Well done to all who came and represented their school, we were proud of you and hope you all have a restful, exciting and fun filled Christmas. You deserve it.

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  1. It was a magical service; I enjoyed it thoroughly. I was also very proud of the choir, even with so few of them being present they sang beautifully.
    Mrs Vaughan