Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Dinosaur Eggs

As part of their topic on Dinosaurs the year 1 children from Butterworth and Hargreaves had a chance to look at some eggs and predict what would hatch.

The staff told the children that they had found the eggs outside and brought them in. This was followed by instructions never to do this without asking an adult first.

The children looked at the eggs and tried to predict what would hatch. Their views ranged from chicks to sharks!

They were then given three clues to help them. The creature inside the eggs had a) sharp teeth b) a long tail c) sharp claws.

This meant many people had to change their prediction, and these were now narrowed down to crocodile, shark, snake or dinosaur.
Every morning the children rushed to the basket to see what was happening and watched in delight as day by day the eggs began to crack. Soon glimpses of colour could be seen and the excitement grew.

Finally all was revealed....they were dinosaur eggs! Despite the great excitement, the children quite rightly pointed out, that not only were dinosaurs extinct, but these were plastic! Mrs Matthews then confessed to making the eggs and was relieved that this did not diminish the enthusiasm for the eggs. In fact, it led to a conversation on how to make them and another one about never touching eggs in the wild.

The children who had correctly predicted that the eggs would contain dinosaurs, were delighted to be right.  The children enjoyed this activity and were very excited when we visited the nhm and saw the eggs on display there and when we held a piece of real dinosaur egg shell.

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