Wednesday, 31 October 2012

London 1666

On Friday the whole of Year 1 and Year 2 met together in the school hall to recreate London in 1666. Miss Stickley reminded the children that the houses were built close together and that only one side of the river was affect by the Great Fire. The children then took turns to position their house on the streets of London.
These houses had been planned, made and evaluated over the previous week.
Ready to start



Adding the detail

Adding the detail

Adding the detail to the roof
Below is how they looked when displayed all together. We invited other members of the school to visit and even sang to them whilst they wandered around. This has been a great topic, which was enjoyed by the KS1 and this display was a fantastic way to show off some of our learning to the rest of the school.

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  1. I loved your London street! Thank you so much for inviting Horowitz to visit your street. We could see how the fire would have spread because the houses were so close together. You must have worked so hard making them look as realistic as possible.