Friday, 14 September 2012

Roald Dahl

Potter, Butterworth and Hargreaves have enjoyed their week and a half of Roald Dahl activities and are now quite the experts on Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox.

Two ideas for Potter for a chocolate factory.
The children have enjoyed sharing their ideas and photographs. Roald Dahl seems to have been a very popular topic with all three classes. 

What would your BFG look like?
Do you agree with Butterworth?

Which dream would you add?
I love the book it is funny - D
Mummy is reading the story to me at night - E
Mr Fox doesn't like carrots, maybe he should eat them cooked - G
Roald Dahl writes good book. I have read the Giraffe, the Pelly and me, Fantastic Mr Fox and am now reading the Magic finger - A
Next time you walk down the main corridor at school, take a look at the new displays; every class in the school has represented their chosen book. There is a huge variety of work including art, writing, models and recipes. Above is a selection of the activities undertake by Hargreaves over this last week and a bit.
We are still looking forward to our dressing up day on September 28th and you can visit The Roald Dahl website if you want to continue your learning about him at home.


  1. We have really enjoyed the Roald Dahl aspect to school holiday this year when the children visited. It is good to be back following the blog and to see what the children are up to again. We so enjoyed sharing their classsroom through the blog last year and are looking forward to it again this year. As grandparents it makes our conversations more informed.

  2. i liked helping to make the display. Jack