Tuesday, 3 July 2012

EYFS at Sports day

Inkpen, Carle and McKee were very fortunate at Sports day. We all got to finish our two races before the rain came down.

The first race was a sprint, where our biggest challenge was staying in between the white lines! Most found this quite tricky.

The second was an obstacle race which require us to run, balance, crawl through hoops, tunnels and on stilts. "This was very exciting" - E

McKee and Carle enjoyed taking part in the Mascot dance whilst stood with their family forum group.  Inkpen performed their own ribbon dance before the opening ceremony began.

Each family forum represented a country
We hope the rest of the school enjoyed it as much as we did. The children thought the obstacle race was the best one and they thought "The man with the flag was funny!" - J

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