Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kingswood - Wednesday

We have had another hectic day at Kingswood. The children have had a taste of real adventure, crawling through tight tunnels in the caves (full of spiders!!!) and flying through the air on the 'zip wire'. Other activities such as fencing, caving, designing a computer game and a disco proved quite popular too.
All in all, the children have continued to have lots of fun, while adults have continued to be tired, still not enough sleep, I'm afraid.

Children's comments:

Ruby: Go carts were amazing, can't wait till the Leap of Faith.
Jack: The zip wire was awesome!!! In the caves there were big spiders and not much air.
Nat: The zip wire was epic!!! Caving was awesome.
Elena: Not had a go on the zip wire yet (still waiting) but everyone said it's great. Love you mumma and pappa, hope you are OK, pappa - I loved your comment.
Georgie: The zip wire was really good and fun! It was quite scary at the top of the ladder (where you jump off) but once you jumped off, it wasn't scary. The caving was horrible, there were loads of bugs and really muddy!
Eden: Zip zip and away....
Oscar: Fun, epic and immense experience!
Iris: I was so scared about zip wire but it was so fun!! Caving was super muddy and dark.
Nathaniel: Zip wire was epic!
Francesca: The zip wire is brilliant, although it was scary at the top!
Maisie: I really enjoyed the zip wire, it was fast and great.
Amelia: A great experience and good time of year to be at Kingswood.
Sam: Caving was cool and not scary.


  1. Iris did you say zip wire?? Fantastic x

  2. Spiders???? The rest will be a doddle! enjoy xx

  3. It's lovely to hear you are all having a fantastic time. It would be nice to hear from the children that haven't made any comments.

  4. Sounds like youre all having a fab & exciting time @ Kingswood ! - Enjoy the rest :) X

  5. It all sounds brilliant fun apart from the spiders! Glad you are having such a great week.

  6. Sounds great fun! Glad all enjoying it! Hello Jake :) Happy birthday Jo xx

  7. Sounds like you are all having a great time. Hope the food is improving! Try and get some sleep so you aren't too tired & grumpy when you get home tomorrow! Hi Maisie, Em said make sure you do the leap of faith! xx

  8. Caving! dark holes, dirt and spiders right up Ellie's street!! Hope you are all having a wonderful time, it sounds like it.xx