Friday, 20 April 2012


On the 23rd March, four year 5 children went to Chauncy to do a "Mathalon" - The people who went were Abigail Samantha, Joshua and Robbie. When they got there they had 30 minutes to do five "My maths" tasks on the computer. Once they had done them they got a biscuit and a drink  and then went into the hall to do a team quiz.

There were four rounds - shape, number, data and algebra. Each team got a question and if they did not get it right the other teams would get the points.

In the end Christ Church came third out of eleven teams and got a bronze medal

By Joshua and Robbie.


  1. Very proud of all of you... well done!

  2. Well done team!

    From Robbie's Granny.

    1. Thanks, Robbie's Granny, it's really appreciated!