Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lamps for The Gambia

The Flag shows the National Flag of The Gambia. Red represents the sun, Blue represents the River Gambia, White stands for peace and unity and Green for agriculture.

On Friday 27th April we are holding a non uniform day to raise money for Chessay Ma Jaw School. Children are invited to come to school wearing the colours of the Gambian flag and in exchange for a minimum donation of £1.

The money will be used to buy lamps for the 350 pupils of the Gambian school, starting with their  75 nursery children.

Margaret Meeks of HELPING, the charity who facilitate this partnership, sent these two photographs which were taken at the school, during the last trip the charity took to The Gambia.

Children at Chessay Ma Jaw nursery having their lunch

Classrooms painted and a new roof.
She told us about the refurbishment of the school and the plans to buy new blackboards but also said "There has been some bad fires with candles being knocked over so we are trying to give every child a lamp and batteries at the cost of £2-50 per lamp and batteries. The batteries would last them about 2 months and would cost about the same as candles but safer."
Each lamp (and first set of batteries) costs just £2.50
Here at Christ Church we intend to make that happen! The lamps will go to the most vulnerable children first, those who live in straw homes. Once these homes catch fire there is little chance of escape. Sadly this happened whilst HELPING were there and a father and 4 children died. 

Each of our classes have also pledged to raise an additional £25 each to be able to purchase 10 lamps. Look out for their fund raising events.

At the end of term any money we have raised will be sent out to The Gambia and the lamps will be purchased there, this saves on shipping costs, ensures they are suitable and helps the local shopkeepers.

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  1. What a great thing to raise money for, I hope there is enough money soon to buy them all a lantern. Its good to see our children learning about other peoples lives and difficulties.