Monday, 30 April 2012

Compass Braille Assembly

Last week, on Wednesday, Compass Braille came into school and showed us some braille.

They told told us about Louis Braille. When he was 3 years old he was using his dad's tools and he slipped and it went into his eye. It got an infection and this spread to his other eye and he was blind. He invented braille so he could read.

They played a game with us. Six children had a blindfold on and were told an animal name. Six other children had to make those animal noises. They did it lots of times and the blindfold children had to get to where they were and find their partner. It was very noisy and funny to watch. They said it was fun to do.

We saw a picture of the Bible in braille, there are so many books, you can't fit it in your pocket. It can be read at home though. If we learnt to read braille we would be able to read in the dark in bed, just like some blind children do!

I was amazed that the children can do exciting such as ride bicycles and run in races. Their teachers help them and the children learn to measure distances in their head.

We were given a Compass Braille bookmark and some braille questions for us to read and answer.

It was a good assembly.

by Emily (year 2)

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