Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chessy Ma Jaw

Here at Christ Church we are twinned with the Chessy Ma Jaw school in The Gambia. This partnership is made posible by HELPING  a charity in Stanstead Abbotts.

Staff and pupils outside the school

Since this partnership began we have raised money to send out to buy essential items, have sent out some of our outgrown uniforms, have provided school supplies such as pencils cases and paper, and have written letters and drawn pictures.

We received a hand drawn booklet from them telling us about their typical day and what the village is like, have had some photographs and Chris and Margaret Meeks have been into school to tell us about their visits to The Gambia.

Inside a classroom 2011
Last year, when Margaret and Chris returned from The Gambia, they brought us a beautiful banner, which now hangs in the school hall. This was made as a thank you by the school and village especially for us. Originally every family had given a handful of peanuts from their own crop which was placed in a sack to send back for us to share. The Meeks had to decline this extremely generous gift on our behalf and explain why.

The charity has recently returned from their yearly visit and will soon update us with recent news from the school and provide some new photographs along with suggestions of how we can help this time.

We do know, that whilst there they refurbished and painted inside and out all the school, except one double classroom, and are now raising money to put a new roof on the last block and provide new blackboards in all the classes.

Please look out for updated news and do pass on any fund raising ideas you may have either via the school office or as a comment on here.

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