Friday, 9 March 2012

This week in Carle Class we have been learning about trains after making our outside train last week. We have read the story of The Train Ride by June Crebbin. The words in the story sound like a train chugging along on a track. As it is our class assembly next week we have drawn pictures from the story and created a big red train!

 In the classroom, the role play area has transformed into a train ticket office and we have been making tickets. Where would you like to take a train too?
 Making train tickets in our role play area.
On Thursday an old fashioned London double decker bus came to visit us on the playground. We got to look around the bus and sit on the top deck!
A - 'we looked around the bus and we went up the stairs'
O - ' we chatted on the bus'
A -  ' we went  upstairs and downstairs, the bus was very old'
A - 'the seats were like a bunk bed'
C - 'there was a ticket machine and I got a ticket'
M - 'my favourite bit was sitting at the top'
T  - 'to ring the bell we had to pull a bit of string at the top and it made a ringing noise like a bell'
R- 'we sat at the bottom of the bus'
R - 'we waved out of the windows of the bus'

We all reading enjoyed looking at the bus and being able to sit on it thank you for bringing it in.


  1. Thanks for organising this, the children had a great time!

  2. Isabel O'Reilly16 March 2012 at 20:12

    It looks like you all had great fun. I wish I was there joining in!
    From Isabel O'Reilly Lewis Class ( jacks sister)

  3. Wow, a bus on the playground, wish I had been there. Glad to see you enjoted it. MS