Monday, 19 March 2012


McKee class are very fortunate to be taking part in dance lessons with Mrs Hornblower, the dance teacher from Chauncy school. She has been in 3 times now - the first time she just watched us in a dance lesson, in the second she took the lesson, found out what we could do and how well we followed instructions. Today she began to teach us a new dance.

We are beginning to work towards a performance! This will take place on May 18th at Chauncy school and, providing we have parental permission, we will be able to go to the school and dance on the stage in front of an audience. (The class were very excited when they were told this. Letters will come home soon.)

Why not ask McKee which music they are dancing and performing to?


  1. How exciting! My daughter tells me you are dancing to Ariel. Is this correct? Wonderful that Chauncy take the time to do this.

  2. Yes. The class are being sea creatures. They need to wear bright and sparkly clothes suitable for dancing in. They are getting very good at the dance now.