Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Lewis class are very fortunate to be taking part in dance lessons with Mrs Hornblower, the dance teacher from Chauncy school. She has been in 4 times now – in these sessions she has watched us in a dance lesson, developed our free-style techniques and has started to teach us a routine.

We are beginning to work towards a performance! This will take place on May 18th at Chauncy school. Providing we have parental permission, we will go to the school and dance on the stage in front of an audience. Letters will be sent home after the Easter holiday.

Lewis class will be dancing to It's The Hard-Knock Life’ from the musical classic ‘Annie.’ As part of their routine, they will need two props; a small bucket and a rag for cleaning the orphanage. The children will also need an ‘orphan’ costume. See below for some inspiration.

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