Friday, 2 March 2012

Crucial Crew

On Thursday 1st March, year 6 went to Morgans School for Crucial Crew. First we got into groups and then attended each station where we learnt about how to keep safe; such as water safety, railway line safety, the dangers of electricity, how to eat healthily and they took us through the dangers of smoking and shoplifting.

Water safety - we had to pretend to rescue two children without going in the water ourselves.

Railway line safety - We learnt never to go on the railway line and he scared us when he pretended to drop a bomb. It gave us a surprise because the other man popped a balloon at the same time.

Electricity - We watched and listened to different situations when people have been harmed by electricity. We selected A or B depending on what they should have done.

Smoking - We looked at tar and two pairs of lungs;healthy and a smokers. Cigarettes included honey, toilet cleaner, liquorice, nail polish remover, rubber, tar, rat poison and Cocoa powder.

By Maisie and Francesca.

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  1. Christ Church teachers always seem to find interesting and creative ways to inspire the Children. Thankyou for taking them to this im mportant session, I know they all learnt a lot