Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Braille assembly

Braille Assembly

On the 7th March KS2 at Christ church School had two visitors in our assembly.

They told us about Braille. Braille came from a man who was very clever his name was Louis Braille. His mum and dad taught him how to read the alphabet using dots.

In assembly we played a game with 12 children. 6 children were blind folded and the other 6 made big loud animal sounds and the people who were blind folded had to find the animal sound that matched their animal picture. It was funny and fun.

We learnt that when you are blind you can do sports like running and long jump and you can cycle round and round when you are blind.

We also saw a picture of a school in India. The children ate ice cream and did some work like everyone else.

Back in class we got a book mark and a Braille card with questions to answer on it.

Finally, everyone led out of the hall with their eyes closed like they were blind. They all had their hand on the person in fronts shoulder and their eyes were closed but the front persons eyes were open.

By Zak B

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