Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Roman Day

On February the 8th our school Christ Church had a Roman Day, it was fun, my favourite bit was the banquet. I liked dressing up in a Roman costume, I was a Roman Soldier. We did it because our topic Invaders and Settlers.

My favourite part was making the clay coins and sharing the banquet. We had five activities they were, clay coins, singing, being a Roman Soldier, making food and looking at Roman things and guessing what they are. We have learnt a lot about Romans today and hope to learn more. We made shields to defend ourselves, my shield said legxx on it.

It was a very fun day in cooking we cut up tomatoes and celery, we also got some dates and cut them up and took out the stone and put raisins in them We dipped them in honey and ate them at the banquet.

By Fred D & William H

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