Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Year of the Dragon

"Chinese New Year is here again, here again, here again...." so said the song. Here in Mckee class we have become really interested in this celebration and spent quite a lot of our week on this theme.

We started the week by listening and retelling the story of the 12 animals and discovered it was the year of the Dragon. In our hall time we tried making up some dragon movements and then used a drum and fabric to create a group dance.

The children carried this on, for themselves, as part of their play in the outdoor area during the week. The beat of the drum and the jerky movements of the dragon where a constant feature!

We had "oodles of noodles" and this proved a very popular addition to the room. We looked at dried noodles and wet noodles, tried feeling them with our hands and picking them up with chopsticks. Some children even had a taste.

The class also tried their hand at making dragon puppets, designing their own mask,  colouring in a dragon mask picture, making fans, making and decoration the red money envelopes, using tangrams, ordering the animals in the race and many other things. Thank you for all the Chinese items the children brought in to share with the class, they were all really interesting.

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  1. The children have loved this topic. Thank you. I was told so much about the dragon dancing and the noodles.