Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Polar Express

Over the last week McKee class have read The Polar Express several times. We have looked at the illustrations, we have read and discussed the text and we have rung the sleigh bell to make sure we can still hear it. (We can - phew!).

We have talked about the differences and similarities between the book and the film and had some really interesting discussions. The class were surprised to see that there is a lot more shown in the film, where as the book requires them to use their imagination. When we talked about this they understood why and some thought it was more exciting to do this.

The class have really enjoyed this book and, much to the surprise and delight of Mrs Matthews, most said they preferred the book to the film.

A - "I liked reading and turning the pages not knowing what was going to be on the next page."
E - "The pictures made me think."
O - "The book does not have as much as the film."
R - "In the film the birds eat the scrunched up ticket. In the book they don't."
N - "I wish it was me." 
A - They go like a roller coaster, that is scary."

I wonder which you prefer, do let us know.

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