Tuesday, 31 January 2012

After school clubs

 As you know, we run a variety of after school activities, for the children who attend our school. This term these include storytime, ICT, football, netball, Spanish, dance and Barnabus.

In ICT the children coloured in a dragon mask and printed it out. They then made it into a mask to wear adding decorations. "I enjoy ICT club because we get to do interesting things and can use the computers."- E. "ICT is great fun, we did a mask." - A

 This week in storytime the children heard the story of the Gruffalo and than made Gruffalo puppets. "I like storytime because it is good to read books." - E "I like stories." - S.

The footballers are assisted by members of Chauncy school and Spanish is run by Mrs O'Reilly.

"Netball club is great fun because we love netball." - I. "Miss Ball is a good umpire." - A

In Barnabus club (which incidentally is now on Thursday and is open to years 1-6) the members spent sometime planning what they would like to do this term and are looking forward to some role play and construction activities based on a Bible story. "I like Barnabus because we get to watch a DVD and choose what to do" - F.

Hopefully some other children, will soon, let you know what they like about their clubs.

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  1. What a great dragon mask. So colourful.