Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Larry’s Day out at the Toy Museum.

Larry had a great day at Bethnal Green Toy Museum with Butterworth class and here is what happened.

Larry’s day began poking his head out of Miss Glazebrook’s backpack to travel to the coach. On the coach he had a look around to see what was outside the windows throughout the journey.

When he finally arrived at the toy museum Larry was excited and wanted to look at all the toys. Larry had a good look at many different toys and had his photograph taken with lots children from Butterworth class.

Larry enjoyed sharing his lunch with Ellen, Lauren, Isabella, Fionn, Finlay, Molly and Alice.

After lunch we all went to the gift shop, Larry didn’t know what to buy. All of the children brought toys such as a train light, a set of paints or glitter bracelets.

When we had all finished at the gift shop we went to have a look around the moving toys area. Larry’s favourite moving toys were the jack in the boxes and the giant robot.

At the end of the day Larry got time to have a go on the rocking horses.

When we all got onto the coach Larry was nowhere to be found. Miss Glazebrook was very worried about where Larry had got to, she had forgotten to count him onto the coach. She kept asking if anyone had seen Larry but no one could tell her where he was. Eventually the message got back that Ella R had Larry and he was safely returned.

When we all arrived at school everyone went home and Larry had a lovely sleep after a long day exploring.

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  1. Naughty Larry! He needs reminding to stay close to an adult at all times. At least Butterworth class were better behaved!!!