Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas post

Our Advent calendar
McKee class made an advent calendar, which included envelopes and the stamps they had designed themselves. This prompted an interest in letter writing. Once the letters had been written they needed stamps and so we printed off lots of our own designs. This meant they could not be posted in a Royal Mail post box!

Our stamp designs
To solve this problem two members of the class then made a post box for us and so we now have our own Christmas postal service!

Our Post box
Mrs Matthews suggested that we sent some real cards, which we could post and then wait to see how long it took for them to be delivered. We decided to use the Scout post (to keep costs down and Mrs Matthews happy!) We posted them at school and they will be collected and returned to us.

Posting our cards
We can not wait for the postman to deliver them back and we can take them home to share with our families.

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  1. What lovely stamp designs you all drew and when seen altoghther they look really Christmassy