Friday, 11 November 2011

Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

In Lewis class we have been reading a book called Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell.
It is about a girl called Ottoline and her best friend called Mr Munroe. They go for stroll and they discover something called the lapdog agency. They peek through the window and they see four lapdogs. The lapdogs seem familiar, because earlier on in the story, there were posters of missing lapdogs and the lapdogs in the agency look just like the ones in the posters!
Next they meet a vicious criminal called the yellow cat who has been responsible for all the burglaries lately and they make a plan to try and catch her. The plan involves the different companies that look after Ottoline while her parents go travelling, like Smith and Smith, the light bulb company and many more. The plan works and the yellow cat is caught and taken away. The yellow cat is also the boss of the lapdog agency. The four lapdogs get returned to there owners because they missed them. It was a very happy ending for all the characters (except the yellow cat).
Our class really liked that book, we especially enjoyed the parts where the plans were put in action.

By Isabel


  1. What a lovely in depth book review! I have just bought the book because you have sold me into reading it myself. From a mum in Lewis Class.

  2. I've heard so much about 'Ottoline and the Yellow Cat' since Lewis class read it together: it sounds like a brilliant and original story. I wonder how your own mystery stories are coming along...? Will we be able to read them?!
    From another Lewis class mum!

  3. Saffy wrote an excellent story, as found out in Celebrate My Learning weekend, all inspired by Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. Great choice of text!

  4. Ottiline and the yellow cat is a fantastic story I have read it myself. I made my own vesion called Anekin and the Monkey Madden.