Friday, 11 November 2011

Golden time

In golden time this week, those of us in McKee and Carle had the choice of four activities. We could a) collect, dry , painted and print with leaves, b) dress up, c) take part in some colouring cutting and sticking activities or  d) do the Lego challenge!

In the Lego challenge we were told that a cat was stuck up a tree and the Legoland fireman needed help to get it down. We had to build something to reach up the tree and then a box to put the cat in to keep it safe. 
We rose to the challenge and with the help of an adult and two year six girls we made ladders, staircases, slopes and steps. We also made a few boxes for the cat to try for size.  

steps and box

What do you think? Do you think we managed to help the Legoland fireman rescue the poor cat?

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