Saturday, 5 November 2011

Christmas cards

Yesterday McKee class were very excited to see their Christmas cards designs turned into a real card.

Just before half term the PSA invited us to make a card, which could then be printed and bought by families. Each class could choose their own designs. Many gave the children total freedom and each card was totally different, some offered a template or guidelines and in reception we decided to give the children a format to follow, however they were still able to produce their own unique card.

McKee class made a special twinkly Christmas star, because Mrs Matthews said it was a star that announced the birth of Jesus and so was a good thing to put on a card to celebrate His birthday. McKee liked that idea because they like singing "twinkle twinkle".  

marble painting
Mckee will tell you how they made theirs..."We chose two colours of paint and rolled marbles in them. They whizzed over the paper. I liked doing this and made lots of lines. We let them dry. We cut out star shapes, using red scisors or green and yellow scissors, and stuck them on the paper. We used the same colours to do a dotty bit on the words. We painted with ear things (cotton buds) not brushes, that was funny! We sent them to the office."  (by A, E, R, O and M)

Mrs Orphanides and Mrs Jackson helped Carle class use their handprints to make the antlers on Rudolph the red nose reindeer, to cut a circle to be his head and cut out and stick a very shiny nose on him. The children coloured in the words; a special reminder of their hands, in their reception year, was created.

Please make sure you return your order form by the 18th November 2011 if you wish to help raise funds for the school by buying some of your child’s card. If you have not seen your card yet, please look in your child's book bag - they were sent home Friday.


  1. The reception card are beautiful, will certainly be ordering some! Well done McKee and Carle!

  2. The cards are great, my sons was really funny. I'll need some Christmas cards anyway and I get raise a bit of money for the PSA at the same time.